Yung’s Better Portals

For years now, we have been using portals in the same way to access the Nether dimension. Yung’s Better Portals aims to reinvent this portal system and adds difficulty to the game. Instead of simply creating a rectangle of obsidian and setting it on fire, Nether portals will come in the form of dimensional rifts, which you’ll find scattered throughout the depths of the caves. You’ll need to find one of these rifts to get into the Nether, but be careful, because it’s now a one-way trip!

When you are in the nether dimension, if you want to return to the normal world, you will have to look for a monolith. These are new and quite rare structures that can be easily spotted from a distance thanks to the beams they project upwards. The reclaimer block in the center of each Monolith is the key to returning to the normal world. However, the reclaimer won’t do much without some power. To power it, you’ll need to place a gold block on each of its four sides, which shouldn’t be too hard to do in the nether since the gold ore was added. Once powered up, the reclaimer has the ability to bring you back to the normal world.

The author states that this mod is his personal solution to achieve two design goals:

  • Make the Nether portal system more attractive and immersive. It should reward exploration rather than relying on an arbitrary obsidian rectangle.
  • Simulate dimensional stacking. Making dimensional rifts grow deep in the caves and teleport players near the top of the Nether.

If the new system that Yung’s Better Portals introduces seems like too much trouble, don’t worry. You can reclaim dimensional plasma from a dimensional rift and move it closer to your base, and you can extract the reclaimer from a monolith and place it right next to where your plasma teleports you into the Nether. So it’s pretty close to a two-way portal, the only difference being that you’ll need to find a dimensional rift and a monolith first.

Moreover, these new blocks offer you bonuses that are waiting to be explored. For example, reclaimers will levitate all entities that enter its radius, including players, creatures and objects.

  • Minecraft version : 1.16.5
  • Mod version : 0.3.2
  • Minecraft API : Forge

Download Yung’s Better Portals

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Yung’s Better Portals for 6, 2021Download page
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