Repurposed Structures [Mod]

Repurposed Structures 1.15.2 is the third mod from TelepathicGrunt_Reddit which has already had great success on Minecraft with Amplified Structures and World Blender. This new mod consists of taking over the existing characteristics and structures of Minecraft Vanilla and creating new variants or modifying them!

Currently, Repurposed Structures is adding a Nether Fortress using Stonebrick in the jungles, dungeons and mine shafts now have more variances to match any biome they are in. Strongholds have a size that can be configured and spawn more Silverfish, Giant Tree / Spruce Taiga Hills biomes have giant rocks filled with ores with a diamond if you’re extremely lucky, Taiga Mountain biomes have tiny rocks, and swamps have a new 2 × 2 size tree to look like real swamps.



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Repurposed Structures [Mod] for 23, 2020Download page
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