TerraForged [Mod]

TerraForged will offer you a new kind of world generation that will be characterized by the elaboration of many details, noticeable realism and creation of more exciting atmosphere.


1) “Will this work with other mods’ biomes?”
Yes, it should do. When you select ‘TerraForged’ as the world type, it will look for all available
overworld biomes (vanilla & modded) and incorporate them into world-gen as best as possible.

2) “How can I use this on my server?”
Create the world in single player and then copy that to your server directory.
If you want chunks to continue generating with TerraForged, you must be running a Forge server
with TerraForged installed.

3) “Can this be ported Fabric/Bukkit/Spigot/Sponge?”
I won’t be working on this myself, but TerraForged is open-source so other modders/developers
are welcome to have a go.

4) “Will this be back-ported to older Minecraft versions?”
Not by myself, but again, another developer may choose to do this and share the results.


  1. Install forge for the target version of Minecraft (ie 1.15.2)
  2. Add the TerraForged mod jar to your profile’s mods folder
  3. Select the ‘TerraForged’ world-type when creating a new world

Download TerraForged [Mod]

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
TerraForged [Mod] for 15, 2020Download page
TerraForged [Mod] for 4, 2020Download page
TerraForged [Mod] for from CurseforgeApril 4, 2020Download page
TerraForged [Mod] for 3, 2020Download page
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