Hafen – Simplistic Texture Pack

Colorful, fantastic, and cartoon-like touches for the various elements of Minecraft.

Hafen 1.16-Snapshot is a texture pack that will bring a more vivid and animated touch to your Minecraft worlds. Its textures are made up of bright and quite saturated colors, so the world will be full of color and life, visually speaking. The design of the textures has a mix of cartoon and fantasy, especially in the textures of the creatures.

This is a texture pack that has an identical resolution to Minecraft’s default textures, 16x resolution, so you will not need to install Optifine to be able to use this texture package. Although you know, this tool always goes well for optimizing the performance of the game in general.


Download Hafen – Simplistic Texture Pack

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Hafen – Simplistic Texture Pack for 1.162.15April 8, 2020Download page
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