A quality mod designed for exploration, resource extraction and survival. It adds a dark dimension in which new biomes, structures, ores, as well as new food and many new tools will be generated.

To get into the dimension, you need to find a broken portal (similar to the portal to the underworld), then deep under it (at the level of 30 blocks) find new resources to repair the portal and create a wand that can be used to activate it.

Features of the mod

  • 16 achievements
  • 8 biomes
  • 127 blocks
  • 1 new dimension
  • 9 types of food
  • 25 different items
  • 25 structures
  • 32 tools
  • 1 new mob
  • 1 ranged weapon

Download Neverdark

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Neverdark for 21, 2021Download page
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