Inmis Mod

Inmis is a mod on Maincraft 1.15.2, which will help the player to take many more items with him, expanding the player’s inventory. But how exactly was this feature implemented in the game? The fact is that now the player will be available to 6 types of backpacks. Each of them will contain a different number of items, and the backpacks themselves will distinguish between cost and price Kraft. Also we added a special endurance chest, which can store items from the endurance chest, which will be very convenient for the player.

Progression tiers:

  • Frayed
  • Plated
  • Gilded
  • Bejeweled
  • Withered
  • Endless


  • Ender Pouch
  • Baby Backpack



Inmis is a 1.15.2 mod built for a Fabric Loader. It requires that the Fabric API be installed separately; all other dependencies are installed together with the mod.

Download Inmis Mod

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Inmis Mod for 27, 2020Download page
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