Phosphor (Fabric)

Phosphor [Mod]

This mod optimizes the work with lighting in Minecraft and often can significantly improve performance and reduce the load on your computer’s CPU.
Judging by the description of the author of mods allows you to optimize and reduce the number of cycles for which your CPU processes lighting in the game, mods work both on the client and the server, and judging by the schedule of the author of mods allows you to accelerate the generation of the world and 20-25%, and when installing some mods the difference reaches more than 70%.

The mod is compatible with the optician and other mods as long as the author is not aware of the conflicts of fashion.
The mod itself does not change anything in the coverage of the game and for the player changes are not visible, but in large assemblies mods can reduce the load on your CPU.

How to install a mod:

  • Install Forge or Fabric and Fabric API.
  • Install all additional mods if specified.
  • Download the mods and copy to .minecraft\mods.
  • In the lounge, run a version of the game with a Forge or Factory.

Download Phosphor [Mod]

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Phosphor [Mod] for 13, 2021Download page
Phosphor [Mod] for 1.16-Snapshotmc20w13b-0.5.2+build.5April 2, 2020Download page
Phosphor [Mod] for 1.15.2mc1.15.2-0.5.2+build.6April 2, 2020Download page
Phosphor [Mod] for 1.14.4mc1.14.4-0.3.6April 2, 2020Download page
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