Waystones Mod

Waystones 1.15.2 will allow us to define points of interest around the world, to which we can teleport instantly whenever we want. This teleportation will work by means of stone structures, so when we create one of these structures on the ground, an interface will be opened that will allow us to assign a name to this point of interest.

Unlike other mods that allow us to teleport our character, the advantage is that with this mod installed we will not consume experience, nor resources to be able to teleport. The only limitation is that after using the teleport we will have to wait sometime to be able to use it again. This limitation affects the character, not the teleportation structure.

How to install Waystones Mod

  • Download Minecraft Forge 1.15.2
  • Download Waystones Mod 1.15.2
  • Double click on the downloaded file from Forge to run the installer.
  • Paste the downloaded mod file into the .minecraft/mods folder
  • Now you can teleport without consuming anything!

Download Waystones Mod

Minecraft VersionVersionDateDownload
Waystones Mod for 17, 2020Download page
Waystones Mod for 11, 2020Download page
Waystones Mod for 1, 2020Download page
Waystones Mod for 13, 2020Download page
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